Leiber Yeast Extracts

Leiber Gmbh, the world's leading provider of Brewer's Yeast Extract for over six decades. Leiber Yeast Extracts is excellence in creating savoury taste profile

We offer a broad range of innovative application solutions with our excellence products series for various taste below:

Taste Variations

*Leiber-Bouillon for varios brothy notes

*Leiber-Asada for mild roasted, meaty notes

*Leiber-Viande for Typical meaty, roasted notes

*Leiber-Savoury for strong meaty notes

*Leiber-Seasoning for specific taste profile

*Leiber-Arosta for roasted meaty, smoky, BBQ-notes

Taste Explosion

*Leiber-Aromor for strong umami sensation, enhancement creaminess and spices taste, Salt Reduction, harmonizing taste, and masking effects for unpleasant taste.

*Leiber Cheese Booster

*Leiber Seafood Booster Asia

*Leiber Prawn Booster

Vegetarian/Vegan Application - Leiber Veaty Range

*Leiber-Veaty Masking for masking genuine unpleasant taste of vegetable proteins

*Leiber-Veaty Body Notes for giving the desired body notes(taste profile)

*Leiber-Veaty Top Notes for giving dedicated unique top notes

*Leiber-Veaty Colour Brown for achieving a pleasant color or appearance like barbecued meat

Fermentation Yeast Extract

*More than just a nitrogen source

*Leiber Fermentation (S, E, and H) for application:

   - Bioethanol and Biogas fermentation
   - Cultivation of starter culture
   - Production of amino acids, nucleic acids, or organic acids
   - Production of enzymes, hormones, vaccine, and other functional protein
   - Production of vitamin.

*Leiber CewaFerm for application in clarification of beverages (e.g wine) and reactivation of wine fermentation process